New Books!

College Fast Track: Essential Habits for Less Stress and More Success in College

Simple habits for success in College

Simple habits for success in law school

Law School Undercover: 
        A Veteran Law Professor Tells the Truth About Admissions, 
        Classes, Cases, Exams, Law Review, Jobs, and More

Secrets from a vetaran law professor

Con Law

Should I go?

Law School Undercover: 
        Malice in Wonderland is an honest guide to law school. Now the reader is a journey 
		into law school (i.e., Wonderland) by a tour guide, Uncle Malice. Drawing upon his 
		own mistakes and shenanigans, Malice enlightens. But he’s not your grandfather’s narrator: 
		he is brash, colorful, and honest.

An honest guide to law school

Law School Books (Pre-Law, College, Reference)

Law School: Getting in, Getting Good, Getting the Gold

Your personal law school guide and mentor

Slacker’s Guide to Law School: Success Without Stress

The title says it all. The subtitle is the catch.

The Art of Law School Transfer

The guide to transferring to your dream law school.

Later in Life Lawyers

For the nontraditional law student.

Planet Law School II

The comprehensive guide for all law students.

Insider’s Guide to Getting A Big Firm Job: What Every Law Student    
            Should Know About Interviewing

The essential guide to landing your perfect law job.

Law Practice Guides

Young Lawyer’s Jungle Book: A Survival Guide (second edition)

A no-nonsense guide for the new law firm associate.

Jagged Rocks of Wisdom: Professional Advice for the New Attorney

A no-nonsense guide for the new law firm associate.

Jagged Rocks of Wisdom - The Memo: Mastering the Legal Memorandum

A no-nonsense approach to legal memoranda.

Jagged Rocks - Negotiation: 
        Mastering the Art of the Deal

Rules to negotiate by

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Education and Counseling (Education), and Non-Law Adventures

Training Wheels for Student Leaders: A Junior Counseling Program in  

Raising responsible, mature, and caring children through a junior counseling program.

Grains of Golden Sand: Adventures in War-Torn Africa

An American in Africa...and the effort to save an endangered species.

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